Sunday, 9 October 2016

Drill Pillow

My three-piece band and I had a great first show in Uppsala, Sweden. Here is a photo of us about to take our bow at the end of the show. Also, check out my newest piece of gear... the Pillow. After playing my guitar with my Makita cordless drill, where can I put it? I need to quickly start playing guitar with my normal pick again, so I need to get rid of the drill quickly. The pillow allows me to just drop the drill on the ground, where it cushions the fall. This particular pillow belongs to the venue, so I couldn't take it with me for the upcoming shows. I guess I'll need to go pillow shopping. 

More wild tour stories, as they happen...


P.S. I guess I could get rid of the drill Yngwie-style. But there are risks.


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