Saturday, 27 August 2016

Great time at Victor Wooten's camp

I've had an amazing time at Victor Wooten's Bass and Nature Camp for the past 2 days. I got to meet so many great people/ great musicians, played a concert with Victor and Roy, taught 3 classes a day on 2 of my favorite subjects, Rhythmic Transposition/Resolution and (my pet project) The Melody of Rhythm©.
And at the end of the second day, a little surprise...Bela Fleck showed up, so we (The Flecktones) played a few tunes and talked about how we started, how we write tunes together, and much more. What a great experience! Before that I played a great weekend with Corky Siegel at The Yellow Moon Café in Cobden, IL. And now I'm back in the saddle and I'll FINALLY answer your videos really soon.

Original Content: Great time at Victor Wooten's camp

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