Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Olympic Song for EXILE (Japan)

Hey all,

I'm just back from a lil vacation on the island Mallorca, Spain. Hoping everybody had a nice summer so far! The Rio Olympics 2016 is about to get started soon and I'm happy to have contributed with a new song.

Joy-Ride with the legendary Japanese group EXILE is selected as the Official Theme song for Fuji TV in Japan during the olympics. The single is released physically amd digitally on Aug 17th but the MV preview is

already out. The song was written by me, The Euroz & Ninos Hanna and I also play some guitars, keys and synth bass on it. It's an uptempo melodic dance song and the crazy dance skills of some of the EXILE-members

are being showcased in the video. The Japanese lyrics are written by the very famous EXILE lead singer Atsushi. Check it out!

Regards Andreas

Original Content: Olympic Song for EXILE (Japan)

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