Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My New CD: Psalms - Hyssop & Snow

Psalms:Hyssop & Snow My new CD, "Psalms: Hyssop & Snow" is now available on iTunes! Up to this point, all my recordings have been collaborations with other musicians playing music written by other composers (mostly Classical). This marks the first time I've released a full album of all of my own original compositions, based on the Book of Psalms. Special thanks to Calum Martin who contributed his wonderful vocals to the album, along with his daughter Isobel Ann Martin - Calum actually studied with me right here at ArtistWorks' Online Popular Piano School! How cool is that? 

This project represents 15 years of writing arrangements for my home church. I hope you enjoy it!

Original Content: My New CD: Psalms - Hyssop & Snow

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