Thursday, 31 March 2016

Think You Can DJ: Interview with DJ RamDog

think you can dj

In this interview we talked with Ramsey Anderson, aka DJ RamDog about his game show "Think You Can DJ."

How did the idea for the"Think You Can DJ" game show come about?

In 1995, while I was working at my first DJ gig I thought about ways to get DJs to experiment so the audience would get more out of the experience. And also I wanted to showcase how amazing these DJs are. My first thought was, 'how about we make a mix while blindfolded?' But then I immediately thought, 'oh that is way too hard.' So then I grabbed a pencil and a napkin drew the turntable but turned it into a "Wheel of Fortune" with genres of music inside the disc: Techno, Gothic, Industrial, Ska, 80s, Hip Hop.

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