Tuesday, 22 March 2016

John Patitucci Bass Solo: "Giant Steps"

John Patitucci plays a blistering "Giant Steps" bass solo here with Bill Stewart on drums accompanying him. This classic jazz composition was originally recorded in 1959 by John Coltrane for his album Giant Steps. A similar version of this appears on John Patitucci's 1998 album Now which also features Bill Stewart on drums, Michael Brecker and Chris Potter on tenor saxophone, and John Scofield on guitar. "Giant Steps" is known for being one of the most difficult tunes to improvise over in the Jazz Canon because of its harmonic structure, so seeing John play it so effortlessly here makes it that more impressive. 

For tips and insights on how to play this great jazz tune, do a search for "Giant Steps" in Video Exchange Library - or just submit your own version to John here at ArtistWorks and he will be happy to help.  

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Original Content: John Patitucci Bass Solo: "Giant Steps"

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