Monday, 15 February 2016

CAP off and running

Hey Everybody,


As the home video states, Angelina Baker will be our first Community Arrangement Project song.  This is a great melody played at most jams.  It's a fairly accessible song and a good one to get us started.  We'll be in the key of D.

I mainly wanted you to know that basic tabs and score are now available in the Study Materials "Additional" section.  We have an open version, a capo 2 version, and just for reference, the original Stephen Foster melody.  We'll keep the arrangement project centered around the melody most likely played in jams, the open and capoed tabs.

So, Artistworks is helping get a video lesson set up to allow submissions of ideas.  Again, I'm looking for any idea - big or small. I want to create a single arrangement from all the various pieces and parts to be uploaded. We'll have a final version for both the open and capoed approach.  I'll also accept chord variations as well. 

In the meantime, be thinking about what you might add.  When creating variations for phrases, a good way to get started is to fill the spaces of half and 1/4 notes with connecting scale tones. You want to try to get all the eighth notes firing but still hit the important melody notes.  Also, listen to some other recorded versions and see if you can adapt anything by ear or " musical osmosis".  Experiment with grace notes, hammers, pulls, and slides. 

Also, have fun!




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