Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Trip to the Sporting Goods Store

One of the inspirations for the title of my new album, "I Can Destroy," is the giant atom smasher at CERN. For the photos for the album's CD booklet, I wanted to smash my guitar into a big model of an atom. I didn't get this idea until the night before the photo session. So I made a very hurried trip to my local sporting goods store, to buy one soccer ball, three tennis balls, and three hula hoops. Then I stopped at the hardware store and got some silver and black spraypaint, some string, some Velcro, and some tape. With the help of Neil Zlozower, the photographer, I was able to assemble a very satisfying "atom." The strings, Velcro, and the lines in the soccer ball were easy to remove in Photoshop. And my concept had become reality. 

Original Content: A Trip to the Sporting Goods Store

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