Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Hey all,

I'm currently in Denmark at a writing camp, creating new songs together with fellow songwriters from all over Europe. I enjoy these song camps, where labels and publishers invite writers, presenting new leads for the artists. Then the writers are working intensly for a few days trying to deliver hit songs. This specific camp is aiming at the artists in Korea and Japan, a market that I've been fortunate to work with during the last couple of years. This past week I had two songs released with Korean boybands B1A4 and A-Peace. Also I few big singles I've been part of writing are coming out in Asia in December. I'm always happy to write songs in different styles, everything from jazz to K-pop.

After a long period of writing I had the pleasure of doing a clinic in Amsterdam for the Guitar Academy as shown on the pic below. It was a pleasure talking and playing for/with the talented students. After that I made a quick stop in Germany at a Guitar festival near Freiburg. Since I don't do that many performances these days it's fun to do come out from the studio and play at times :)

Have a great weekend!

Regards Andreas


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