Thursday, 5 November 2015

Darol Anger: Two Variations of "Spain"

Darol Anger plays fiddle with an energy that is always exciting to witness. Part of that is how he's able to express himself effortlessly through the fiddle and convey emotions in the music. He recently posted a video playing the Rodrigo/Corea classic "Spain" with Grant Gordy on guitar. Darol is playing a carbon fiber Baritone Violin made by Qarbonia Violins, which gives it a unique sound when compared to his frequently played 5 string fiddle. 

As a comparison, check out another great performance of "Spain" he did with ArtistWorks guitar teacher Andreas Oberg back in 2011. Same tune, but different sounds and styles on display. Darol plays off Andreas' fast electric playing and delivers a big sound on the 5 string fiddle that's full of flourish and creative technicality. 

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Original Content: Darol Anger: Two Variations of "Spain"

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