Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Grand Opening!

OK, y'all!  Here we go!  Got the whole school rocking at this point, and have to say I am LOVING this platform as a way of teaching jazz piano!  I'd like to say "THANKS" to ArtistWorks for doing such a great job with the filming and production, and I am really excited about the way the curriculum turned out.  A big part of what we're doing here at ArtistWorks is creating a real community of jazz piano players, so jump right in and see this school as your home!  I learned to play jazz back in the 1920s 1980s at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, then studied with saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi for 2 years, then moved to New York and studied at the School of Incredibly Hard Knocks for about another 8 years before I got latched into the jazz scene in a real way.  And all of that is here, distilled down into what I think is a really logical course to playing jazz.  So welcome, have a glass of lemonade, there will be a pie-eating contest an games for the kids!  Walk around in here, introduce yourself to the rest of the student body, and let's get started!

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