Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Best Digital Piano Sound

I have been in the trenches with digital pianos since I bought my first Ensoniq Mirage in, I think, 1986.  It featured a whopping FOUR SECONDS of memory and had some screwy little 8-bit floating point sampling scheme.  It was kind of awful, but Mitch Forman sure played the crap out of it!  Things evolved;  in the '90s I played the Emu Proformance piano module, which was actually really great for what it was:  a 2 megabyte (approximately 12 seconds of stereo samples, I think) module that played pretty well.  Then came the Gigapiano, this giant 650 meg piano sample in Gigastudio, the big PC-based sampler;  couldn't play jazz on it but boy did it sound like a Thomas Newman score with the sustain pedal down. 
I was never a fan of the Ivory pianos until they released the Italian Grand;  I heard it at the NAMM show and bought it on the spot.

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