Tuesday, 20 October 2015

8 Great Jazz Piano Tunes To Learn

great jazz piano tunes - george whitty

As I travel around the world doing jazz piano clinics and workshops, one question I'm often asked is: "what tunes should I learn?" 

That's a really broad question. I'd like to narrow it down to 8 jazz piano tunes that are a big part of the standard repertoire you might encounter at a gig or a jam session, and also are tunes that I've most enjoyed sitting down and playing over the years, inspired by some killer performances of said tunes that sort of launched me off. 

SO in no particular order, here are 8 jazz piano tunes I get a huge kick out of playing, along with the performance that inspired me to learn them and gave me something to shoot for. Usually there's something cool about the harmony that propels the tune forward, and a really well-turned melody that's got something unusual about it:

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