Saturday, 15 August 2015

Recording Finished!

All the recording sessions for my new solo album were finished today. We completed 14 songs (13 of mine, plus one cover) in just 8 days of recording. This is what happens when you record "live" with a great band. Everything happens quickly! A huge thanks to (from left to right) Tony Spinner, Freddie Nelson, Thomas Lang, and Kevin Chown, for fantastic playing and singing. And of course Kevin Shirley did an amazing job producing. Mixing begins next week at Kevin's studio. I'll be taking the weekend off to spend time with my family, and then I'll be back to make Video Exchanges on Monday. My experience teaching here at Artistworks has improved my playing over the last three years, so I'd like to thank everyone at Artistworks, and all of YOU, for helping to keep me excited about guitar and about how to fit guitar into songs that... ROCK!

Thank you,


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