Monday, 10 August 2015

Learning an Instrument at an Older Age - Student Blog

learning an instrument at an older agWhen you get to be older like me, you get used to certain things becoming more difficult, while other things become easier.  Recently I was talking to a good friend from college who also plays music.  He told me that as he has gotten older, he can learn quicker now than when he was younger. I began to think about this and have some observations about why this might be.

Older folks have gotten used to the "busyness" of life. Thusly they understand the importance of making maximum use of their time. This can be related to learning an instrument, and I myself have applied it. This is one reason for taking lessons and a major reason for choosing ArtistWorks.  It's been beneficial for me to choose when I view lessons and when I submit videos for review. I have experienced "self taught learning”, and it takes me a long time to advance. Lessons are the better way to go.

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