Saturday, 8 August 2015

A Wild Summer: 2015

It's been a wild summer out here on the road and it's not over yet…
Amazing faces, places and fiddling. FIrst stop was the wonderful Grey Fox Festival where I did a couple of workshops and performed with my wonderful band Mr Sun; we have a new CD just out!

I'm very proud of it. You can pick up a copy on my website or on the Compass Records website… some of the most hair-raising bass, guitar , and mandolin playing you might ever have heard, plus your ol' buddy DA on Funny Fiddle licks.

Leaving after a 2 AM set to get to a 5 AM plane out to NW String Summit for more fun playing with my old boss Dawg, with Del McCoury and Sam Grisman, the Yonder guys and my old bandmate Scott Law, that weekend was truly memorable.. If I could just remember it.


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