Saturday, 18 July 2015

Trip to Hong Kong Kong and Seoul

Next week I play with Chévere and Deacon Blues, and then I fly to Hong Kong and Seoul to perform my harmonica concerto and give workshops. I'm being sponsored by Hohner GmbH- many thanks to them. And Hohner USA sent about 100 Bluesband Harmonicas to the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic. The leader of this group, Orbert Davis, puts on a summer Jazz camp at Chicago State Univ. I will be doing 2 workshops with the kids before I play the concert with Chévere. This will be quite a day!

For all info on my touring, go to, as well as my 2 Facebook pages- and

I am answering as many videos as possible before I leave. It will be hard to answer any more until I return on Aug. 4. I hope that you are all having great Summers and Winters, wherever you are around the world.

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