Friday, 17 July 2015

How To Sight Read Piano Music

Learning to sight read music is strikingly similar to learning to read words. Once we learn our alphabets, we piece them together to form words, and then those words become sentences, paragraphs, books, and so on. But to read fluetnly and profieicntly, you need to practice reading every day.

What if you learned your alphabet, learned to read about 25 words, and then, practiced reading those same words over and over in the same paragraph for months at a time? You'd certainly have those words memorized - and most likely the entire paragraph - at the end of that time, but you would be struggling to read any new material if your vocabulary never expanded on a regular basis beyond those 25 words. Unfortunately, most music training runs along those lines - a student is given a piece, learns the notes, and practices those same notes over and over until they can play the piece perfectly, but their reading skills have never progressed beyond an elementary level.

The only way to improve sight reading music is to read something new everyday, just as you read new words in new books or articles or blogs every day. Makes sense, doesn't it? But it can be really difficult for teachers to come up with enough material at just the right level and progression rate to make reading music as fluent as reading words.

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