Friday, 12 June 2015

Rocking the Studio

I'm having a truly great time in the studio, making my new solo album. Kevin Shirley is producing, and is inspiring my band and me to give our best performances. We rarely do more than three takes of a song, and results of this high pressure method of recording are fantastic. We've completed seven new songs in just four days of recording. This includes solos, lead vocals, and harmonies. I did a ferocious Makita drill solo in a song today, just for fun. But the way this album is going... everything is fun. We've also got a pro video guy shooting just about everything, so we'll have some great footage when it's all done. By the way, the band is Tony Spinner and Freddie Nelson on guitars and vocals, Kevin Chown on bass and vocals, Thomas Lang on drums, and of course myself on guitar and vocals. We've still got more time in the studio and more songs to record. I can't wait to finish, and unleash some rock on the world!

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