Sunday, 21 June 2015

Nr 2 on the World album chart w Namie Amuro "_GENIC"

Hey all,

Hoping u're having a nice month of June so far. I'm currently in Spain working on some new songs! Just got the weekly United World Chart, (summarizing the most sold albums in the world on a weekly basis) and Namie Amuro's album "_GENIC", named after my co-write "Photogenic" ended up on 2nd place this past week with more than 160K sold copies. On this song i'm also playing the guitar parts and the interesting thing is that Namie actually decided to sing it in English without Japanese translation.

Namie Amuro is a legendary artist and fashion icon in Japan and by many considered as the biggest female solo artist on that market for many many years. She is always forward thinking and innovatory, on this album she also collaborated with David Guetta, Zedd and Diplo. So it's an honor being part of this release.

The picture on the left below is from Shibuya Station in Tokyo last week with a huge billboard promoting this release.

Regards Andreas

Original Content: Nr 2 on the World album chart w Namie Amuro "_GENIC"

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