Saturday, 26 November 2016

Some Holiday Shows In New England with Darol Anger and Tony Trischka

In New England in December:

Darol Anger's 5th Annual Keepin' It In the Fam Holiday Show with Tony Trischka,

Emy Phelps, Ethan Jodziewicz and Grant Gordy

What better way for some of the country's most prominent string musicians to celebrate the holidays than to play some shows with family and friends?

Acoustic Music legend Darol Anger joins rising singer-songwriter Emy Phelps in organizing some of the country's best string musicians in a multigenerational musical experience focusing on the spirit of Midwinter and the turning of the year. 

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Is it Too Late to Start Singing?

This is a question I will get all the time and is running through many peoples minds.  Is it too late for me to start singing? The answer that I always say is, it is never too late to start doing what you love.  There will always be studies out there that say as you […]

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Tony Trischka with Peter Rowan - Part 1

Tony Trischka with Peter Rowan

The much anticipated interview series Tony did during his last studio visit with Peter Rowan is now available in it's first installments. The first 4 parts of this interview are up in +Music  / Special Guests. This first batch includes a duet performance of "Rain and Snow" followed by the first 20 minutes or so of discussion covering many interesting topics and anecdotes. We'll trickle more pieces out each week till the end of the year (this was a long interview with many parts to it.) Click here to check it out

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A legato solo

Here's a short solo that uses some of the legato-phrasing concepts we're exploring here at my Jazz Drums School @ ArtistWorks. Enjoy!



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Notes have gone home about costumes.  Please see your homeroom teacher for the specifics of your child's costumes.  This fun shirt was found at Dollarama.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

New Harmonica Lessons and Performance with Chris Siebold

To celebrate a successful transition to the new design, we've added a bunch of new content! You can find these in the Learning Channel, or click on the images below to jump right in:

new harmonica lesson


"I Falafel" - A Howard Levy original song lesson.


new harmonica lesson

Duet Playing: Harp & Guitar - A two part lesson series on duet playing featuring Chris Siebold on guitar with Howard in the ArtsitWorks studio. We filmed this ahead of a show they performed later that night.

Up next, there's a new section added to +Music - we filmed the entire show Howard and Chris performed at Silo's in Napa. The first two songs are posted there now and we'll add 2 more each week through the end of the year. There's over an hour of live performance footage coming your way, here's the first two:

Howard Levy and Chris Siebold  - "Lady Be Good" 

new harmonica lesson

Howard Levy and Chris Siebold  - "The Evanston Tango"

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Being Thankful

Dear folks,

    I am very thankful to have such an amazing opportunity as this school that allows me to reach so many students all over the world.  Thank you for being here and I hope to help you in every way I can to be a better player.  Check out this awesome new design here, too.  Pretty nice, eh?  Remember if you want to watch a 'walk-thru' video on the new look, just go to the bottom of any page and click on "Student Orientation".   

    Have a music-filled joyous holiday!  

    Happy Thanksgiving!  


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